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Chinese - Agriturismo Ars Naturae Agriturismo Ars Naturae

Chi siamo Who we are

Mauro, is a psychiatric family doctor, Barbara, who is a fashion designer, they now jointly operate a farm. They delivered live to his passion for nature. Their son Antonio was a land surveyor. Daughter Giulia arts high school, and now the time and experience their daily dedication to the farm, and ARS NATURAE customers who want organic eco-farm close contact to provide good service. Today, as yesterday, the general look to cherish, to ensure quality service is our farm different from other similar magic. Fully integrated with ARS NATURAE nature of philosophy, in 20 km from the center of Rome ARS NATUREA, you’ll experience the nature and the wonderful variety of biological harmony, away from the tired city life.

Filosofia Our Philosophy

ARS NATURAE manner in contact with people and animals, to enhance contact between man and nature. Sustainable development and life most instinctive mutual respect can show our unique concept. With our humble there is no shortage of passion and dedication and constant effort every day to achieve our vision. Nature is extremely precious sentimental value, it is also an important tool for us to communicate and exchange. With Mauro, Barbara, Antonio, Giulia and their animals a taste of nature and find the essence of life is your perfect machine ecotourism.

Amandi love

We are committed to combining human and animal ecotourism, ARTE EQUESTRE also provides outdoor and indoor entertainment, you can also enjoy horseback riding nearby forest scenery, enjoy a quiet afternoon. PET FRIENDLY make guests through close contact with those born in the ARTE EQUESTRE 兰波格 purebred dogs to spend pleasant moments together.

Comendi Catering

ARTE EQUESTRE own ecological vegetable garden, using natural farming methods to provide fresh fruits and all vegetables with some customers.

Gaudendi enjoy

Using our origin extra virgin olive oil and honey, AGELOC proprietary anti-aging technology allows you to experience the most natural and relaxed Health & Wellness we have prepared for the guests.

Ludendi Entertainment

We have a 18X6 meter saltwater pool, heated by solar installations. Both sides of the pool has beach volleyball venue, but also hold some events in the evening. In addition, according to customer needs can also be opened in the woods at ARTE EQUESTRE Karting in mountain biking. You can picnic in the shade while enjoying nature and delicious.

 Vivendi Accommodation

Accommodation ARTE EQUESTRE to provide customers also reflects his philosophy, bedding and household items use of environmentally friendly, natural fabrics. Each room is unique, we pet name for each room here. We tried to create personalized customer service, through our creativity and natural materials, give you a comfortable environment.

Events & Courses

We will organize some fun activities for the customer’s needs. We work with industry outstanding professional faculty cooperation provided to customers

Equestrian course.


ARS EQUESTRE within organic farm ecotourism, yes, yes a thoroughbred horse breeding German descent and training station, from where they were born to be able to participate in world-class horse racing.

We work with a renowned Swiss equestrian coach, a monthly selection of the best horses to participate in world-class equestrian competition.

Our team is also responsible for the selection of a pure breed foal, giving them the best care, and then take them to the Hanover Wendeng auction auction.

ARS EQUESTRE welcome equestrian apprentice all over the world come here to receive our advanced and professional training to improve their skills.

Our team in order to create a first-class environment, and coaches, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and other cooperation, using the most advanced machines, to maximize the effects of training, at the same time, we not only seek Man and Horse balance in the physical training, but also to achieve a psychological balance.

In order to give customers around the world to provide the best quality services, to understand the cultural, our employees are familiar with English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Spanish.

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